Webhosting1st Affiliate Program

Promote our hosting services and earn money!

We are offering 70% commission for every order made by customers acquired by your affiliation link.

How can you start?

First, you’ll need to register (note, this step is not required if you already have an account).

Click “Affiliates” and then “Activate Account”. After that, you will get a personal Affiliate link, which you can use to promote our services and earn money.

Below is a brief summary of the affiliate program conditions:

  • Commission: 70%
  • Cookie duration: 90 days
  • Payment maturity: 30 days
  • Minimum withdrawal amount: $10
  • Payout method: PayPal


You will receive 70% of the amount paid by a new customer, for their first period of service. It will also apply when a customer has used any discount coupon. For example, a customer who joins and uses you Affiliate link to order a service that amounts to $20 per year. That customer may also have used a 30% discount coupon, meaning that they paid $14 for their first year. You, as the affiliate, will receive 70% of that $14 payment, so $9.80.

Cookie duration:

By using your Affiliate link, a customer will log a cookie in their browser, which will be saved for 90 days only. This cookie will track any orders made within those 90 days, and you, as the affiliate, will be rewarded with 70% commission on those orders.

Payment maturity:

You are able to withdraw any commission you earn as an affiliate only after 30 days have passed. This is due to our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, which allows any customer to cancel their order for a full refund within 30 days.

Minimum withdrawal amount: There is a minimum withdrawal amount of $10.

Payout method:

We currently use PayPal to pay our affiliates.


Just to give you an example of how it all works:
If a new customer has used your Affiliate link to order $20 of our services for one year, you will earn 70% commission, which is $14. Then, after a 30-day period, you will be able to withdraw this commission (as it exceeds the $10 minimum), via PayPal.

Affiliate Agreement:

Detailed Affiliate Program Agreement can be found here: Affiliate Agreement