IMPORTANT: Many hosting providers doesn't offer Softaculous or any other installer, so You have to install Wordpress manually. We at Webhosting1st are offering it for free without any restrictions.

IMPORTANT 2: If You plan to install Wordpress or any other script with https, You should first install free SSL certificate for that domain (how to do it check HERE).

  1. Log in to Your DirectAdmin (how to do it check HERE).
  2. If You have more then 1 domain, click any of them to get to main menu of DirectAdmin.
  3. Click "Softaculous Auto Installer".
  4. Mouse over Wordpress icon and click "Install".
  5. Fill in all necessary fields.
  6. Delete "wp" in field "In Directory" if Wordpress should not be in any directory.
  7. We strongly suggest to tick "Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer)" for security.
  8. Click "install" on the bottom of the page, after some time Your new Wordpress installation should be ready.

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