IMPORTANT: many hosting providers doesn't offer Let's Encrypt SSL at all. We at Webhosting1st are offering it for free for all Your domains.

IMPORTANT2: To set up SSL, Your domain must first have correctly set and propagated our nameservers (how to do it check HERE).

  1. Log in to Your DirectAdmin (how to do it check HERE).
  2. For new domain, add it to DirectAdmin (How to do it You can check HERE), just remember to tick "Secure SSL" option.
  3. If You already added Your domain to DirectAdmin, edit it and tick "Secure SSL" option (How to edit domain You can check HERE).
  4. If You have more then 1 domain, click "Home" and click domain, for which You want to install SSL certificate.
  5. Click "SSL Certificates".
  6. Tick second option and select "Free & automatic certificate from Let's Encrypt".
  7. If You also need SSL for subdomains like: ftp, mail, pop, smtp, then tick them too.
  8. Click save, after some time You should get result screen with summary.

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